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    LDMS 9.0SP3 vs. SCCM2012




      Our institution is considering going with Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager 2012 instead of LANDesk Management Suite 9.0 SP3, and while we will be having a Microsoft representative come onsite at some point, I would like to elicit your feedback regarding the two products.  In our licensing agreement with Microsoft, SCCM2012 is included at no additional cost, while LANDesk is considerably expensive.  I have heard that LANDesk's support is better than Microsoft's, but as far as features, and ease of use, management, and imaging, where do the two stand?  How do the server hardware requirements compare?


      We are a higher-education institution and have roughly 10,000 machines to manage, primarily Windows based, but want to integrate the Macs and Linux/Unix machines that we have as well.  We have about 300 servers, primarily virtualized with VMWare, but with some physical machines.


      I would be most appreciative of any input.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup



          LANDesk is way easier to use and requires less steps to get to the same result. Basically SCCM requires more technical knowledge, just compare the way to create queries in LD and SCCM. SCCM is using more resources in diskspace, memory and plain simple servers. In SCCM, PXE representatuves cannot be installed on workstations, just servers. Also, Just compare the DB sizes, after just setting it up, the SCCM DB will already be like 4GB, where LANDesk is under 100 MB. With 10,000 devices you will be pushed to SQL Enterprise, which i wonder is covered by your agreement with micosoft. Also, SCCM 2012 has much more v1.0 features where LANDesk had it for years, like a dedicated console, remote control with ctrl-alt-del support, role based administration, mac support (only from SP1).


          LANDesk may be more expensive initially, but the TCO is way lower. Best way to compare though is to do a proof of concept for both. Look how fast you can have a working LANDesk environment and compare with SCCM. Do the same job in both. You will see the difference :)


          Good luck deciding!



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            Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

            Ah, just an afterthought... To give you an idea, I have a customer that is a university in the Netherlands where we setup LANDesk for about 9,500 devices. We used 3 dedicated servers, 1 for OSD and software shares with pretty standard specs, 1 for LANDesk Core Server with 4 cores and 10GB memory, and 1 for an Inventory representive, also with pretty standard specs The DB is on their cluster and after working with LD for 5 years, the DB has grown to 6,5GB... Works like a charm!



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              HI Matt


              I have the same issue as you were posting. Which product is better than other. We are big time Microsft family.
              I have both products were purchsed and tested.  In my own knowledge and experience SCCM 2012 and LANDesk suite both has it own pros and cons. LANDESK is a bullet proof tool for REMOTE CONTROL feature. I have not seen any other product like that. You have to create your own package for deployments on both products.


              Other features like software deployment, Reporting and Windows update are smilar to each other.  It has its own way of workflows and structures. So it is up to you to decide what you really want and which one is cost effective. 


              These features are in LANDesk but not in SCCM 2012


              Web console

              Tool bar in the Remote Control Windows

              Able to Remote Control a device even if it is not in the Domain.( As long as it has the correct Agent)

              Better Reporting

              Drag and Drop each devices for software deployment where in SCCM you have to create a collection first.

              Easy to Query a report

              Able to see the device IP and all the hardware inventories via console.

              Able to see if the device is connected or not





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                zman Master

                I have went through this in the past and I'm currently going through this now - M&A. Contact me if you need want to discuss.

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                  MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                  A few simple things, SCCM is not 'free', whatever they tell you. It has a cost associated even if it is that you could have something else instead. On top of that then is the hardware side of things, administration, and then the add-on technologies that you will need to do things that SCCM won't do for you.


                  It is not a bad tool, but it is a Microsoft tool so it is designed to keep you Microsoft in the way Microsoft want you to stay. LANDesk will manage what you want and how you want it and with much lower hardware and admin requirements. LANDesk is the only system I know that can work with such low numbers of servers (physical or virtual) yet manage such a high volumen of devices and locations.


                  Do a proof of concept. Get a FULL architectural proposal that is signed off by both parties so you can see what you will need to be investing in to make things work and certainly get Microsoft to confirm exactly what software you are going to have to purchase for the different architectural pieces. See how long it takes to get in and fully functional and how much training you will need to go through. If you want to support non Microsoft stuff, then factor that into the equation and work out if you want to be maintaining multiple systems to achieve the same thing. One other thing to consider is that SCCM's last version was 2007, so they aren't exactly quick at releasing new versions, so 2012 might be current, but will it still be current in 5 years time?


                  Honestly, I've 'lost' to SCCM many times over the years but can count on the fingers of one hand how many times it has been because SCCM met the requirements better; the rest of the time it has been because the person holding purse strings thought that the 'free' product was 'good enough' and overulled all of the technical requirements and findings.


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                    Thank you all for the wonderful feedback, it has been very helpful!  We are going to have a Microsoft representative give us a demo, and I will be sure to bring forward these concerns and listen closely to their responses.  I will update this post with my findings and how we are planning to proceed.