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    Advanced Agent is just waiting


      I am discontinuing our service with an external vendor who has been managing my computers with his Core server, and have finally got approval to get my own LANDesk server.  I have installed the 9.0 sp2 install and setup my core (very simplisticly for now)

      • I am interested in not having to reinstall and agent and thus rebooting all my computers.


      • I have modified my default windows agent and created a self contained and advanced agents and scheduled both.
      • I have discovered a test machine, and tried to deploy both tasks (at different times) to my test pc.


      The status of the scheduled tasks are still:waiting.

      Once working, I will need to be able to do this for all my machines.



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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup



          Just a couple of points first... First, dont forget to install SP3 also. Lots of improvements there. Second, a re-install of the LANDesk agent does not need a reboot, you can disable that in the agent configuration. Like that you can create a selfcontained agent and use the old server to push that out, easily migrating your devices from one server to the other.


          Alternatively, you can copy the certificates from the old server to the new, make a dns alias in your environment which will point your agents to your core when they try to get to the old, and you dont even need to reinstall agents. The certificates are in c:\program files (x86)\landesk\sharec files\keys and the .0 file is also in the ldlogon map in the managementsuite directory structure.


          As for your task, on what server did you schedule it, the old or new one? You need an existing agent on your devices to be able to deploy it like this. Use the old server if you can or just push out full agents or use a gpo with the advance agent, it's much more reliant



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            Thank you very much.  All of that makes perfect sense. I have now:

            • Installed SP3
            • Changed my agent to never reboot
            • Sent a message to our vendor to get them to deploy the new agent, as it is not our server
            • Starting to build the GPO advanced agent install



            • I have manually installed the newely created advanced agent on one test machine and things look good, except for Policy (Desktop Manager).  I get a fail message every time.  DO you know what may cause that?
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              riccafer Apprentice

              For agent installation error check wscfg32.xlg file on %TEMP% folder in Windows, this is the log of agent installation