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    How to open a dynamic hyperlink on the report to a report field open on a new browser window?


      Hello All,


         I have hyperlinked the Change number field to open to link to the actual Change Numver Field, however I am not able to add anything to get this change number open in a new window.


      I have created a formula field which includes the code below (it concatenates the static part of the unique change number and the dynamic part to give the complete path to the change number field (efolderID) on the report.

      ("http://192.xxx.xxx.xx/esd/eFolder.aspx?FolderID=") + {Change_Management.EFOLDERID}


      From the hyperlink option on the report (for change number field) we have mentioned the formula field by clicking on the formula button. All these is working fine, but can anyone suggest what code needs to be added to ensure this change ticket (hyperlink) open on a "New Window" and doesnt open on an existing window?


      Any help will be appreciated.