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    Software Deployment Portal


      We have a few clients that can no longer get updates via the software deployment portal.  These are Mac OS 10.7.4 machines, with the agent installed.  When clicking on the LANDesk icon in the menu bar, and then selecting Software Portal, nothing happens.  I checked, and these machines are sending in their inventory scans, so they are able to talk to the core server.  Not sure why their policies aren't being updated though to allow the software deployment portal to work.


      Any ideas on how to fix this?  I've tried re-pushing the agent to these machines, but the same problem persists.


      - Keith

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          I found a fix:


          Delete the following file on the Mac:


          /Library/Application Support/LANDesk/data/apm.xml


          When I launch Software Portal after deleting that file, it recreates the file and opens, and all available software is then displayed.  Not sure why it seems this file gets hosed to begin with, but at least I have a fix now.