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    LDSD 7.4 on a SQL Mirror



      I am planning on upgrading our standalone SQL 2005 server to an Active/Passive Mirror setup for redundancy.

      Is there anythnig that I need to be aware of in terms of the itbm database? Will our users with the console installed just automatically connect to the mirror in the event of a failover? or will there need to be some manual re-configuring of the the 2console.exe.config" file on each workstaion?


      Any help or advice relating to running Service Desk 7.4 in a SQL mirror setup will be greatetly appreciated.



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          Hi Adam


          We have set-up mirroring with automatic failover on SQL 2008 R2.  In general this has been working fine.  We did need to extend the default SQL time-out from 10 seconds to 60, as we found 10 seconds just was not long enough and so it kept failing over regularly.


          As far as failovers go, the users haven't been noticing anything when these occur - we use WebDesk with integrated authentication.  The only thing I have noticed (although I haven't been able to find the root cause) is that occasionally one or more of my TPS services may stop working and I think it may be in some way linked to the failovers, but can't be certain.





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