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      I can't figure out how to create a report.


      I am trying to create a report that would show me list of ALL installed programs on ALL computers running LD.  If possible date installed, last used, and patches/service packs,


      And documentation/guides out there that I'm missing?

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          This is a pretty common request but isn't actually as easy to do as you might expect.


          For example, if you have 1000 machines and each shows 30 software packages, how do you expect to see this? One line per package per machine (30,000 lines)? When you say you want to see the patches installed, is that one line per patch per package per machine (assume just two patches per package per machine (60,000 lines)? What do you class as a program? Every executable LANDesk identifies? Every Product LANDesk identifies? Or maybe just every product that you need a license for?


          Probably the best place to start is to ask what you want to use this for? There are different ways to achieve this that don't result in you clearing an amazonian rainforest to print the results, but best to understand what you need it for first.


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            Currently we only have about 18 users on LD and by end of this month maybe 50.  We are trying to collect software list since all users have admin rights.  We are trying to figure out company/approved software or pirated or personal software.  Will will prepare uninstall scripts to remove any software that is not approved during off site company meeting, when we roll out LD to everyone.


            Thats the goal.  I'm okay with 30 lines or 30,000 even if we can get add/remove list to show up for all current users that would be great.  At max we will have under 400 clients when done.

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              I know one way to get a good list of what's in the environment is to use the "Software License Monitoring" piece of LANDesk. It can provide a list of discovered applications, the machines that have them, who the user is, and some other items. It will display the same machine about 200 or so times, but each line is a different piece of software. It'll allow you to export a report up to a certain point (I believe after 10K lines, it stops giving you this option). But you can define different machine scopes to keep this number down (I have mine broken out by functional area).

              Probably not the best way to do things, but it should be able to provide the info you need especially since you have a relevantly small number currently.

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                Attached are 2 reports I use


                The first gives a list of all software on pc's but shows only the count of pc's with that software.


                the second is a software summary report where you specifically select the software you want to look at more closely (multiple products can be selected).


                I like to run the first one periodically to see what software is out there, then I can target specific software & see which devices have that software installed.


                As MarXtar stated, one report showing all software across all devices can be a daunting report, especially once you get more machines in your environment monitored.


                FYI - I found these around the community boards someplace, but can't remember who the original poster was - I can't take credit for creating these, just sharing


                Moving this as a reply to the original post...