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    Turn off "ask for permission"


      I have deployed LDMS 9.0 sp3 to everyone with the ask for permission when logged on checked.

      I have been given approval to turn that off and have created a client update task.

      I have deployed that task against all machines, and see where I can repeat the push daily or weekly, but....


      Is it possible to make this a policy, or do it differently as a policy?

      1. Maybe through Patch, which reg keys?
      2. Or does it natively work when it calls back home to core?
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          zman Master

          So if that is all you need to alter RC permission, in my opinion I would create a custom vulnerability to do this since this is simply changing a registry key. The good thing about custom vulnerability is you have a solution that not only supplies the change aspect but also the reporting and compliance piece. You can also simply create a batch file to change the reg key and set it as a policy.

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            in winxp:


            PermissionRequired = 0


            on Win7:


            same reg value



            attached is my patch that resets remote control to turn off ViewOnly if you want to use it for reference - should just need to change the reg value in detection, patch information, & Patch install sections.