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    Unable to log in to 7.5




      The following is appearing this morning on our log on screens.  I can log in as SA, but no one else can login.  It apparently happened last night.  Can any one advise as to what the issue is? And how to correct it?


      Logon failed. License validation failed. The number of active users with license type 'Named' has reached 97 and this exceeds the limit set by the license agreement (94). You will be unable to logon until this has been corrected.

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          Hi Gavin,


          Log into console as SA and go to Administration > Licence Maintenance. In the group box called "Step 3..." There will be a "Manage User Licence Allocation by Clicking Here." Click where it says clicking here and it will open a box whcih allows you to select licences.


          If you hadn't created the extra 3 accounts it's complaining about it may have happened through your AD connection or similar. If you need these three acounts to be named or don't have the option for concurrent licenses, you'll need to delete some.


          Good luck!

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            Hi Jenna,


            I have logged in and went to that location, but it shows that we have 63 fixed licences and 31 unassigned.....  The 63 are proper accounts. So obvioulsy dont want to delete any.

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              Hi Gavin,


              In that case, if you are still having the same problem, I think you need to contact support to check this out. It sounds like a very odd issue.


              Sorry I couldn't be of more help.



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                Thanks for you help though Jenna.


                I will contact the support desk.



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                  Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

                  Do a complete restart of IIS in order to kick out anyone who might be stuck in there.  Could just be a hiccup with memory.  Support will be able to point you in the right direction.

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                    Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

                    I'm seeing this on one of my customer's databases and am investigating this too at the moment and have a case open with support.


                    Mine was working fine afetr upgrade and until the next morning.  I'm suspecting that the overnight imports from AD are causing the issue but I've not yet had time to run some sql queries at the backend.    My theory is that some end-users are being flagged as Analysts and therfore consuming a licence as this was a bug pre 7.5.


                    It's strange that the 3 difference is equivalent to the (SA, Guest, System account) difference that used to be added to the old licence count prior to 7.5. 


                    Either way if you resolve before me then let me know.





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                      One known problem area is if you are using Oracle as the DB.  The default end user license type is not set correctly and hence imports create false analyst licenses for all new users imported.


                      On the data import I'd also check that analyst imports are setting the correct default named/concurrent attribute.