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    AdminStudio only snapshot captures?


      Hopefully, I am doing something wrong, but I just downloaded the Flexera Admin Studio (LANDesk/Limited Edition).

      The only option that seems to function is snapshot.


      I am very much the opposite of a fan of snaphot captures.


      Please tell me I am doing something wrong, or maybe a suitable replacement.


      I liked EPB, but understand it is EOL now.


      I have used Advanced Installer free, but was hoping for an abiility to include an executable and run it within the package like EPB.



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          zman Master

          So IMO if you are looking for packaging/scripting for a single EXE (like package builder), I would use Inno Setup and Inno Script Studio . Very much like PB but better.


          I have not used the limited edition in a long time since we have the full version. However the website indicates that only capture and Tuner are included. So you can do snapshots and transforms.


          So you could combine the two for free. Use admin Studio, orca, Insted, or others to create a transform and use Inno Script Studio to wrap it up and run other exes scripts and make changes. Good art of this it is all free.