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    Additional files with empty folder

    v.taillet Apprentice



      I have to deploy batch packages, with additional files structure.

      The problem is that LANDesk does not copy my empty folders.

      Is there a way to force it ?


      (zip solution or empty 0kb file in the folder are not the solution )




      LDMS 9.0 SP2


      BTW : why LANDesk does not have a simple "deposit files distribution package" option ?

      For example, right clic/new distribution package/new deposit files package.

      Then you choose all the files structure from package depository (ie : \\nas\packages\stores\ota)

      And finally in the package option you choose the literal destination on target (ie : d:\ota)

      (with options to replace existent files, an option to launch a file after the deposit (ie : d:\ota\install.cmd), etc...)

      No batch file to create, no zip to do, easy win.


      Can someone give me the link to the vote for modify section, can't find it



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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          It sounds like your batch file is the issue, not LANDesk.   You should test your batch file while using psexec.exe (-s -i I believe) and make sure it works as you wish.  Using psexec with those switches should run it as the local system account, the same that LANDesk uses. 


          You might need to use MD (make directory) or other commands.  Once you get your batch file to work properly in this context, LANDesk should be able to push it out fine.

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            v.taillet Apprentice

            No no, I'm not talking about batch content...

            Try this :

            - Make a new batch package

            - Target a batch file, whatever

            - Add additionnal files structures c:\LD with empty folder in, such as :

                 * c:\LD\test1\file1.txt

                 * c:\LD\test2\file2.txt

                 * c:\LD\test3\ <<<< empty folder

            - Launch the package on a client

            - Look in sdmcache, folder c:\test3 is not here

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              mrspike SSMMVPGroup

              OK, I just never thougth of doing it that way.  I would recommend that you have create a batch file that does all that you want, and use that as your package.

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                v.taillet Apprentice

                These packages are just files deposit, I don't want to batch it (or minimum, batch content : xcopy *.* c:\)


                Nobody use LANDesk to update the content of a folder ? You all just deploy softwares or batch actions ?


                Imagine, you have a repository master folder containing 100 subfolders with 500 files on it (including empty folders).

                You have 400 servers which have exactly the same structure, the same files.

                You have to modify 20 files in differents folders.

                Now you want to send all my master folder to 400 servers

                So you have to make a new batch package (what other option ??)

                You put your master folder on additional files option (including empty folders)

                Your batch is : xcopy *.* C:\ /E /Y (pretty simple)

                Now you start the task, and you verify sdmcache folder on target : empty folder are not included


                And my other point : why we don't have a "deposit folder/files package" option in landesk (source : \\nas\xxx ; destination c:\nas, JUST THAT) ? It would be easier than making a batch...