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    Custom fields not showing up after allowing from "unknown items"


      This is the first time I've attempted to add new items to machine inventories. I've followed this document: http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-1089

      I've created registry entries under HKCU and I've verified that valid data is there, so it's not trying to inventory an empty field. I've also tried seeing if there was corrupt data using the dbrepair.exe utility. Didn't see my fields there, or anything that appeard to be corrupt. I've reset the inverntory service a few times as well, but nothing seems to help. I can see my fields if I try to create a new query. It comes back with no results though.


      I've added the following to the LdAppl3.Template:


      ;Document Folder size on Win7

      KEY=HKCU, landesk\DocumentsSize\Documents,Size,Custom Data - DocumentsSize - Total_MB


      ;Desktop Folder size on Win7

      KEY=HKCU, landesk\DesktopSize\Desktop,Size,Custom Data - DesktopSize - Total_MB



      Here's the registry of one of the machines:




      Any ideas as to what I'm doing incorrectly? Is it possibly seeing that "default" key?


      Thanks for any help!