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    Template Issues


      I have a created a Windows 7 x64 image and use templates to deploy it using WinPE.


      I have successfully created Win7 x64 before with no issues hoever this one will not continue with the template after it reboots and logs in the first time. On all of my other images wether it is Win XP or Win 7, the Provisioning agent kicks off right away and continues with the tasks on the template. With the latest image, this does not happen. When I look at the task created for the image, it still says active and the status is that a Policy has been made available. I have left this sit for over an hour and it still will not kick off. Does anyone have any ideas of what could be causing the provisioning agent to not kick back off after it logs in?



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          Hi Mike I would guess that either the CTOS step is missing in the template, or something is blocking communication to your Server once in Windows or the x64 Network driver is missing in HII for the specific model with which you are testing it.