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    Problem deploying windows 7 w/HII to a Vmware instance


      I am trying to deploy my  working windows 7 image to a vmware isntance and after the image deploys I get a blue screen as the sytem is booting to windows. I am thinking its due to  the drivers not bieng availble for vmware in my HII repossitory.. problem is what drivers if any does vmware need to put a windows 7 imatge  down properly? Anyone know how to solve this?


      Thank you so much.


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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          How have you prepared your image with Sysprep?


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            Are your VM's configured with IDE, or SCSi drives? Provisioning Win7 works fine for me in VMWare, Parellels, Virtual Box, etc. My Vm's are configured with IDE drives, which looking at one of my VM's, is using a regular Intel 82371AB/EB PCI IDE driver (VEN_8086&DEV_7111)

            Now I create my master images in VMware, but I don't install any of the VMtools. Also we are a Lenovo shop and all our other harware is intel based, so I have a bunch of Intel controller drivers in my LANDesk HII Driver store. So the driver could be coming from either the install on the VM, or the driver store, but it works.


            If you are using SCSI disks in your VM's, try getting the SCSI drivers from the VMTools iso (windows.iso) and putting them in your HII store. I haven't had to do that, but it should work.


            BTW all of this assumes your VM's are BlueScreening with a STOP 7B... and it is sysprepped like MarXtar said.



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              On a Physical to VM image restore you will difinately need the VMWare Drivers in HII. I have done this and seen these same issues until the Driveres were in place.


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                Alex.Richardson SSMMVPGroup

                There is a little known feature in Windows 7 that it will disable all other interface types other than the one it was installed with. They say it is for performance gains but can cause the 7b blue screen if you use this image on a different controller. I had this issue when using VM Workstation as the default type is Scsi. You may have the right drivers but if thie interface is disable windows never even tries to use it.


                The way aroudn this is to re-enable the other controller types before you capture your image by following the steps below:



                Go into the registry using regedit and change each of the "start" values in the registry keys below from 3 to 0 and this will allow you to change between the different modes by just changing the option in your bios each time you reboot.





                You might not have the last registry key (iastor) as this is installed in the registry with the intel raid drivers, the default windows 7 raid driver uses the iastorV key.

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                  Thanks all!  I will try these sugestions and get with you back and mark the answere  that is closest corect. Your all great folks. I appreciate the answers.

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                    I do all my image development in VMs and then provision through Landesk to HP PCs/Laptops.


                    For VM we had to add the device drivers.  I added from http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=340 to the HII driver library.  This link has an install for VMWare Tools which includes the device drivers.  Remember to select the Manage Driver LIbrary icon after you add the drivers in your driver share to update the database.


                    I also added to the Landesk Win PE.


                    Regarding the note from Alex, that is the exact fix for using AF drives.  This has to be done when you are doing image development in Windows 7 x32/x64.  AF drives are mostly standard on HP PCs/Notebooks now (Enterprise).  If you go from a VM to a physical PC the AF drives will fail because the VM Windows 7 x32/x64 does not recognize the hardware.


                    If you are going from a P to a V, you will have to convert the image using VMware vCenter Converter Standalone.  I remove many of the hardware software drivers on the PC prior to convert.  This will remove the remaining hardware configurations and provision the image as a VM .vmdk.


                    If you do not do the above step you will blue screen.  If you do blue screen after you get to the VM, boot the VM in safe mode and remove any remaining drivers.