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    Need help creating query




      I have created groups in my LanDesk core server to separate my devices based on building locations. This is based on a deployment strategy for a different project. What I need to be able to do now, is run a report or a query in order to determine if there are any devices that have not been assigned to a group. Could anyone help me with this. I am referring to LanDesk groups. Not Actvive Directory of Windows Local groups. Thanks.


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          I don't believe that LANDesk device groups are queryable. I think your best option here would be to first export all devices as a .CSV then export each device group as a CSV. Once you complete the export compile all of your CSV files into one spread sheet in Excel.  You should now be able to hide duplicate entries and this will show you any devices that are not in one of your device groups.

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            larfun Apprentice

            I know it's about a year old but here goes ... this might get you and or someone else started:


            select a1.UserName as 'Console User', a2.Member_Idn as 'Group Member IDN',

            a3.Computer_Idn as 'Computer IDN', a3.DeviceName as 'Device Name',

            a0.Name as 'Group Name'

            from dbo.CustomGroup a0, ConsoleUser a1, CustomGroupComputer a2, Computer a3

            where (a1.UserName like '%EnterConsoleUsernameHere%' and a0.Name = 'EnterSpecificGroupNameHere')

            and a0.ConsoleUser_Idn = a1.ConsoleUser_Idn

            and a0.CustomGroup_Idn = a2.CustomGroup_Idn

            and a2.Member_Idn = a3.Computer_Idn


            Works for LANDesk 9.5