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      We have been using LANDesk to wake up our systems for about 2 years with mixed results but for the most part it has always worked.  Recently we decided to place dedicated machines in each VLAN to operate as the domain representatives.  They all of the agent installed and have been placed in the MDR configuration folder.  When we run a task to wake up machines the MDR's are never attempting to send the wol magic packets.  With wire shark I can see the comunication between the core and the mdr but I never see the mdr send the udp traffic. The wol port has been changed on each MDRs and on the core server to UDP port 7 as our network equipment will not pass UDP traffic on port 0.  The delivery method we are using has been set up for domain representatives to wake up managed devices. The scheduled task is not set to wake up devices (as I'm told that you should not set the Wake up in both the delivery method an scheduled task).  What am I missing here?