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    SDClient Task log file - Is it pulling from preferred server?

    Silvercoupe Apprentice

      To verify if a package was being downloaded from one of our preferred servers, I used to check the sdclient_task%taskid% log files under the LDClient\Data folder.  These files used to say something like:


      "Checking preferred server path \\%prefserver%\package" etc.  Once the file was found there the next line would read:

      "File \\%corename%\package has been redirected to \\%prefserver%\package"


      I no longer see any of this.  We are preparing to deploy Office 2010 using over 80 preferred servers in remote locations and I need to be 100% sure it is deploying from the preferred server UNC path.  How can I verify the package is being downloaded from our preferred Servers with the newer log file look and feel? 


      I've attached a recent sdclient_task log for our Office package where no other machines on the subnet had the files in cache.  Can anyone point out in the log where I can verify the files are downloading from the pref server?