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    HII not installing network driver for Lenovo Edge 71


      I've downloaded the drivers, extracted, and placed into the HII database, however once the sysprep part of the OSD is complete it then halts because the network driver has not been installed so the rest of the procedure stalls and requires manual install of the driver.


      The only inf files for Windows 7 are in the Win7 folder under ndis5 and ndis6, I have added the eintire folder that the exe extracts so that all other inf's etc added to the database but not go, still no ethernet after sysprep.


      Any ideas? Or somewhere else I can put the files perhaps on the OS drive so the driver can be installed.


      This is the only model machine I currently have this problem with.

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          There are three logs you can look at. The HII client log (x:\windows\system32 in winpe), the dism log (x:\widnows\system32 in winpe), and the setupapi.offline.log (%WINDIR%\inf\setupapi.offline.log). They will show if there were errors installing a certain driver. For Windows 7 you would only need the NDIS62 drivers.


          You could inject the driver directly into the image in the image file in the windows\inf directory and the os would automatically pick them up. Not really the preferred method because then you have to maintain and update the image file as that driver is updated or new ones are required. Better to troubleshoot the hii issue.