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    LANDesk WINPE - One Model Won't Build.




      Has anyone ever come across a certain model of PC not building through WINPE.


      All our models build from one image (WINPE HII) and all build fine apart from the DC7600 desktop, which once you've selected the build from the PE menu, it just sits there on the Logo screen.



      All our machines are HP, which are supposed to use the same NIC / SATA drivers. The affected model gets an IP address OK and resolves the Core server, and DISKPART / List Disk shows the C: drive as active, so I'm assuming SATA drivers are OK.



      Any help greatly appreciated, as I'm stumped on this one.









      p.s Using 8.7 SP4

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          zman Master

          On our HPs we have to disable Data Execution Prevention and SATA Native Mode. Also, if they are allowed to boot the first time into the HP setup routine it creates that weird security partition.  Can you post any applicable logs?


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            Thanks zman - i'll check those bios settings. We have to turn off SATA mode on laptops, but not sure i've seen the setting on the desktops - i'l check anyway.



            Unfortunately the logs are blank, i guess cause nothing has happened at that point.



            One more thing, i went into the dos console from winpe, and manually mapped the drive and ran imagew, and it built fine.