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    How to schedule system reboots with a countdown GUI


      Hi all,


      I have a system that I implemented at my company a policy to help staff taht are behind on their timesheets keep on track.   The policy has been working fairly well but I need to make it function better as there are a few loopholes as it only works at logon.


      In any event, now that we have LANDesk in our environment, I would like to see how I could use the LANDesk agent for a more reliable way to perform the tasks necessary.


      Based on my flowchart below, is a way to make the LANDesk reboot GUI appear with a 20 minute countdown and then a forced reboot of the workstation?


      The trick with this is that only workstations that have a file created in the users appdata directory, would get the reboot GUI and countdown to a forced restart.


      Any help on this is much appreciated.





      timesheet flowchart.jpg