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    Software distribution query (delivery method) - confused!


      Hi folks


      Just a quick question in respect of software distribution, well specifically the delivery method used for the delivery of the software.


      Environment is LANDesk Management Suite SP3


      I created a Software Task that installs a small Microsoft package on a number of devices that were dropped in the task.  The task itself uses a Policy delivery method (not Policy-Supported Push) which is set as 'Required' and 'Run Once'.  After running the task, a large portion of the installations are showing as successful as well as some devices showing pending and a small amount as failures.  However, what is occurring and what I find puzzling, is that daily, all of the devices reset in the task and it looks like the installations are re-processing impacting the stats in the task, as it resets the successfuls, the pendings and the failed devices.  It was my understanding, that as it is a Policy only delivery method that has Required and Run Once properties set, that the successes should not reset daily and should stand.  Have I got my understanding wrong on how the Policy delivery method should behave with Required and Run Once set and how it presents itself in the results within the Software Task?  Could someone please put me out of my misery.  Users are reporting that daily, the software package that is installed is logging them out of the application whilst they are using it and I suspect this is the installation re-occuring daily which previously would have been successful and installed.


      Any advice appreciated.

      Thanks folks.