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    Using %ProgramFiles% Never Works



      I've been having no luck when trying to use the %ProgramFiles% variable in either Software Distribution or in a Custom Definition for the security scans. It never resolves properly. Does the LANDesk client even resolve environment variables? And if not, what is the workaround?



      In the editor for the Custom Defintiions, you can right click on the Path field and you get a list of variables. I see %windir% and %sdmcache% and such in there and not %programfiles%... boggles the mind. Especially since the user guide has %ProgramFiles% all over it.



      I've tried using %regval(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ProgramFilesDir)% but that doesn't seem to work either. Maybe the syntax is slightly off. I cant even find %regval% in any documentation



      I figure there must be a simple answer here but after lots of searching I just can't find it. We have multiple locales and sometimes not even C: drives so it's a must.