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    How to add different Roles also to the service?




      I'm looking for the right solution in the following.



      I have created different  Service CIs like 'Access to ERP as ARManger','Access to ERP as APManger', 'Access to ERP as Admin'' and published. If i want to have access as AR and AP Managers ,  it is two different services that i will be subscribing.   Like this if we have to maintain 100s of applications and different roles. that many combinations are to be created.


      Instead can we have a service called  'Access to ERP'  and another mandatory dropdown field is displayed  with various roles like  AP Manager, AR Manager, Admin etc? Once the option is selected it updates the user CI as 'Access to ERP AR Manager'. Is it possible?


      Appreciate a quick response!




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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee

          Hi Harsh


          It wouldn't be simple to implement this at the moment because you cannot make fields mandatory "on the fly".  Functionality to do this is planned for the next major release of Service Desk.  A couple of untested ideas that you could try out for now:


          -  Create a new request process for Access to ERP.  This would be specified on the Access to ERP service and could be a copy of your usual process for services of this type.  As you have created a new process you will be able to specify that a new window is used for this process in your window rules and so on this window you can have your mandatory additional field for when a request is raised.


          -  You could have the mandatory field always on the usual request window but autopopulated.  For example this could be via a template which you have specified on every other type of service (perhaps populated with "not applicable").  When logging other types of services the field passes the mandatory check because it is populated by a template.  When the user selects the Access to ERP service, this has no template specified, so the mandatory field shows a filtered list of options APManager, Admin, etc..


          I hope this gives you a starting point.