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    Windows 7 Key Activation Sysprep


      We have our key specified in the unattend file, but a machine we just imaged does not have the correct product key. Manually entered key and systems activates just fine.


      Also of concern is that fact that the unattend file is built on x86 it seems and we are running x64 machine. I'm really new to LANDesk learning from someone else, previously I built my sysprep file in WAIK and used Ghost solution suite for my solution. I see the unattend doesn't have any command scripts to activate the key. These  unattend files are built from the LANDesk step by step piece that generates you a sysprep file by answering questions, etc.

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          In my expierence an X86 unattend will not work with a 64 bit image.  Also I have had little luck gettting LANDesk to actually inject the sysprep file during the imaging processs I normally do it myself before making the image available in landesk thus it's already in the image before landesk fails to inject the sysprep file from the image deployment script.

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            As you are new to LDMS, I strongly encourage you to read the following article and download the templates/scripts:




            In a nutshell, you can create a flat unattend.xml file that will work for both 32/64 bit windows 7 images.  You create a provisioning template that injects that unattend.xml file after the image is put down on disk and you also inject two additional scripts that will 1) configure your boot sector to allow the machine to boot using the new image 2) modify the unattend.xml file to match the specific flavor of windows so that it will clear sysprep and boot into the desktop.


            I followed the instructions in the document above and built my provisioning templates from those included with the document.  I use both of the included BAT scripts and my own unattend file.  I use variables in the unattend file for almost everything, including my product key.  During provisioning, the unattend file gets its variables updated prior to the machine rebooting into sysprep.


            If this is way too confusing then start reading and come back here with more questions.  If necessary, I'll post working copies of my provisioning templates and unattend file.


            -good luck




            the document describes provisioning and operating system deployment.  OSD is the old Landesk process and Provisioning is the newer process.  I use provisioning because it is more flexible/customizable.