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    Can't find an object in the object designer



      for some reason I can't find a "Change Configuration Item" in the object designer. In Change I see the collection "Configuration Items" with the above mentioned type, but can't find the object itself.

      I can see it in the query designer, in the window manager, just not in the object designer. Is there any configuration setting that might hide the object?


      The reason I'm searching it is that under the "Configuration Items" tab in main Change window I see wrong attributes listed, reference number, title, number, number (number two times),

      I don't need reference number, and those pesky "number"s, but I do need to show serial number and description. Those attributes are selected on the Configuration Management/Configuraton Item object, but apparently don't have any effect.


      Maybe I'm chacing the wind, but I'm stuck at the moment. Any suggestions?