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    Help!!! All "My" folders empty

    jpozucek Apprentice

      I logged into the console this morning and all of my queries, distribution packages, task, column sets etc are empty!!!  All Public info is still there.  Only items in the "My" folders are gone.  Everything!!!


      Anyway to get this back?  Are these items stored somewhere?

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          philipp.orak SupportEmployee



          Are you logging in the console and Windows with the same user as you normally do? All your tasks, packages etc. are linked to your account in LDMS. So theoretically they should still be in the database unless someone has taken them over. Also, have you experienced any issues with your Windows profile?




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            jpozucek Apprentice

            Thanks Phillip,  I think it has to do with my Windows profile.  I rebooted the core and logged back in and low and behold, all "My" stuff miraculusly returned.  As an FYI, I was logging in with the same credentials, so its a mystery as to why they were gone and how they came back. 


            Is there something I can backup as a precaution to this happeneing again?


            Thank you,



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              philipp.orak SupportEmployee

              Hi Jim,


              Good to hear all is fine now. Well, all your stuff is in the database, so ensuring that you always have a recent good backup of the database should be sufficient. As for disaster recovery scenario (I know this not what we are discussing here), you should also back up the following folders


              - C:\Program Files\LANDesk\Shared Files\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\Shared Files\. Of interest is specifically the certificates

              - \LDLOGON\ folder (for the benefit of simplicity) all of that. It contains your agents' INI and MSI files as well as task manifests (in \Ldlogon\filelists) for your tasks


              That should be sufficient. Even if your Windows profile was fully corrupt, and you had to re-create it (by logging into Windows, it would be created anyway), you should still see all your stuff.




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                I frequently lose MY OBJECTS as well.  I have noticed that they seem to vanish when I get a temporary network interruption.  One example is that I have a laptop running the console while docked and connected w/ethernet-when I undock my computer and go wireless I will often lose MY OBJECTS.


                If I close the remote console and relaunch it then everything comes back.  I believe this is because the software on your computer isn't really a stand-alone software product, rather it is just a gateway back to the core using HTTP on the back end.  When the HTTP connection gets bumped or reset the local software doesn't know what to do.


                -anyway, good luck.