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    notify Customer on assignment




      I want to use the notify Customer option on an assignment window in 7.3.1, but when I look at my Customer window in Window Designer there is no email field for me to add to the window.  If I tick notify Customer, what field does the back end use to know where to send the notification?  I assume i can't just create a field, as the assignment process won't be looking for a field i've created. 




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          Notify Customer actually sends a notification to the customer group the raise user is in.  So it's not an email address as such.  LDSD would send an email to everyone in that group who has the received group emails check box sent.


          There is also Notify Originator which is the more common checkbox to use here and sends an email to the raise users email address registered in LANDesk.

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            thanks Dave.  I have a slight issue with that.  When this system was designed, Raise User was used for contractor information, and Customer was used for department information, as for this particula Service Desk are logged by dept only,not individual users.  However, they now have a nominated email address for each department where they want to send email updates from LANDesk.  This is why I wanted to use Cstomer, and not Originator. Any ideas for a way round that?




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              karenpeacock SupportEmployee

              I have seen some customers create a "dummy" end user which they place within the customer / department group.  This has the email distribution list in it and is set to "recieve group messages" as Dave mentioned.