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    System Variables not working in Templates???

    Gjstewart Specialist

      Hi I have come across and issue and its quite urgent so if anyone else has a fix i would appeciate it!


      To my understanding you can use a SYSTEM variable in a template by simply using




      All i keep getting is the system variable is not recognised.


      The variable is in the right Case - so its not that.


      I have a variable on the machine which contains the preferred server and i want to use it in a Map Drive action in my template . Why is this simple task not working!


      All details are correct it simply wont see the variable






      Any ideas?

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          Gjstewart Specialist

          In addition i have tried pulling from Database value - which i dont want to do but thought i would test it.. ( because the machine would have to scan again to pick it up.... )


          So i have a template variable with correct




          And i call this with %PREF% in the template.


          And i get error 53 - which speciies a NETBIOS problem with the path so i tried Servername.FQDN -


          then the IP of the server


          I dont get environment variable not recognised as its using a LANDesk variable now. .But it still will not work. Error 53.


          This is getting silly LANDesk.. How can i use a system variable in my template successfully!