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    Checklist to test new agent installs


      Is there a list of items that we can do/check for to make sure newly installed agent is working properly?

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          zman Master

          There is nothing published. This will also depend on what other LANDesk products you have purchased (Antivirus, etc...).  So as a start:

          • Remote Control - Do a test RC session and make sure all your options work (e.g., do you have ask permission, etc....)
          • Inventory- See that your inventory scans are being ran as scheduled.
          • Software Distribution - Create at least a batch file, EXE, and MSI and see if they deploy properly and you are receiving the proper return codes.
          • Patch - Make sure that vulscan  is running as scheduled. See if you can repair a couple of vulnerabilities. Test some reboots.
          • Security - On your own since I don't own.
          • Make sure that all your local scheduled tasks are present. Inventory | Landesk Management |  Local Scheduler | Scheduled Tasks. These will depend on what products you have installed and their configuration. At least you should have
            • Two Purgfiles.exe
            • Clientdbutil
            • policy.sync.exe
            • ldiscn32.exe
            • miniscan.exe
            • vulscan.exe

          Be nice to have a green for OK and red for bad. This is what we have been asking for.  You can alos test to see if you can contact the agent by using a broser and go to:




          You should just see a LANDesk banner. There is a script floating around that checks to make sure some key components are installed. I can get it to work, also just because a service is running does not mean it is functioning properly. I wish they would create a custom vulnerability to test for everything and come back vulnerable if the client is missing a part of the agent. You can also configure Agent watcher to make sure it keeps key components functioning. However, in SP3 and some sustaining patches this is broke on my cores.


          Hope this helps.