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    Knowledge permissions problem?

    rawman Apprentice

      For some reason, my end users cannot view Knowledgebase articles on our self-service portal unless I grant their group or role "Update" permissions for Core Article.  However, I do not want the end users to be able to edit the article information.  Any ideas as to what I may be missing?

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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee



          If you have the effectiveness control on the window (which allows the users to rate the article) then this could be why?  If you want them to still be able to rate the article you would instead need to create a copy of your article window which you publish to end users via view rules.  Then on this window set the properties of each attribute to be read only so the end users can't amend them.




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            rawman Apprentice

            Thank you!  I did create a copy of my article window and set the forms to read-only, and published it out to end users.  Perfect solution, thanks!