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    Autologin during System Configuration

    davidg5700 Specialist



      I've searched for the answer to this, but came up blank.  Is there a way to have it login during the System Configuration phase of provisioning with an user account other than the local admin? 


      I am trying to run some scripts that need to access domain resources and having the scripts draw for the local users credentials would greatly simplifiy the scripts.



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          JeremyG Apprentice

          Is this Windows XP or Windows 7?    Windows 7 you can set it to auto-logon as any account you want to using the Unattend.xml file.   A requirement for this would be to join the domain with the unattend file as well...otherwise it would fail the login attempt.


          If you want to do this in Windows XP (or with Windows 7 when you join the domain by a provisioning step) there are still ways to do this but it's a little more cumbersome...and involves a little trickery     A basic explaination is this:


          1.  Set auto-logon with admin account as usual.

          2.  Kill the autoadminlogon registry key from HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

          3.  Use the Sysinternals autologon tool to set auto-logon

          4.  Use a provisioning reboot step

          5.  Complete what you want to do

          6.  Use Sysinternals autologon tool to disable autologon.

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            davidg5700 Specialist

            Hi Jeremy,


            Sorry, forgot to mention that I am using Win7 64 bit provisioned by LD 9 SP3. I had previously tried setting the auto-logon in the OOBE pass in the unattend.xml, but it was giving me an error message about the security database not having a record for the computer account when it tried to log on.


            I had a script that ran from the setupcomplete.cmd to prompt for a new machine name. I joined the machine to the domain in the unattend.xml but, I guess the timing was such that the new machine name had not synched to AD and required a reboot to take affect. Not desirable in this process because it stopped the provisioning process until a reboot and maual login. I removed the rename script from the setupcomplete.cmd and it auto-logson fine. The rename can be done later in the process.


            Thanks for your help.

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              JeremyG Apprentice

              You have to set the computername in the Specialize phase of the unattend.xml.   Since specialize happens after the very first boot, you have to configure the unattend.xml with the computer name while the computer is still in Windows PE.


              The way to do this is to generate your Unattend with a specific string in place of the computer name.   ie.   XYZ123...  then you have to prompt for a computer name while still in Windows PE....open the unattend.xml file and substitute the new computer name.    After that...all will work as you want it to.


              I personally use an AutoIT Script to prompt for computer name, and do the text replace in the unattend.

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                JeremyG Apprentice

                Hey, I saw your email but I dont think I can reply to it properly.    Please email me directly and I'll hook you up:   [email protected]