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    Deployment Problems - LANDesk 8.8



      Hi Everyone, We are using LANDesk 8.8 to deploy Windows XP remotely via OSD.  I have managed to capture a sysprep image and deploy it but have a few questions.



      1. I have configured a Client to act as a PXE Rep for multicast deployment and MDR for WOL, but when I issue a WOL by right clicking on the client, it does not wake the client up. If I do the same task on a console based on the same network it works fine. I understand that WOL packets maybe disabled across our network, but I thought that was the whole purpose of the MDR on each subnet.



      2. Our deployment automatically joins the domain, but part of the domain group policy is a legal notice which requires the user to click OK to continue to the login prompt. If I get the deployment to install the agent it waits for the OK to be clicked on within the legal notice before continuing. Has anyone seen this before?



      3. We are getting the BSOD on the reboot once the agent has been installed for the first time; the file causing the BSOD is LDBlank.sys. We then have to boot up using last known good configuration and re-install LANDesk agent and it works fine. I am uninstalling the AV to see if it conflicting with the installation as it sometimes picks up the landesk install as a virus.