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    LDAP Queries


      i am evaluating LANDesk 9 SP3, through my limited research i have found this was not possible in previous versions but curious if that has changed with the version I am evaluating. Is there a way to use a saved query in Directory Manager for a report or add it to a query in the network view. Basically I would like to find users in AD based on the Department field and return any computers they are the "primary owner" of for the report.

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          zman Master

          Current version this is not possible. There are LDAP inventory attributes that are included by default in the inventory record but the one your referenced is not listed. It gets closer in the next version. What i've done in the past is export the report to csv, open in excel, use the MEM addin (AD lookup) and match the primary owner field of login or whatever and lookup the corresponding AD attribute. It is fast but not automatic. We use it too do a lot of AD lookups. Way more flexible.

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            larfun Apprentice

            The Managed Planet (now Data Analytics) rules contain an LDAP import rule that will pull this information into the LANDesk db for reporting and queries. The Data Analytics piece is an Add-On to Management Suite.

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