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    LANDesk Scan Issue


      Many clients are experiencing issues where LANDesk will be performing some background activity (I assume an inventory scan, monitoring, etc.) in which the active window will move out of focus for a couple seconds and then come back. An example would be you are typing a word document and the window loses its active status (like if you clicked onto another open window, you could no longer type in the word document). The issue only lasts 2 or 3 seconds but has frustrated some executives enough to warrant some investigation as to what the root cause is. Any help is appreciated greatly!

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Are any distributions or patch updates happening around these occurrences? LANDesk isn't in control of what happens during that. I haven't seen any recent focus issues except sometimes during agent deployment. I don't suppose they are going to give you information such as approximate timing so that you can match these against log files on the affected clients?


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            Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

            Weird. I've never seen this with LANDesk processes running as local system... Can you track down what process is running? By checking the various log files created by ldiscn32, vulscan, etc you should be able to pinpoint the time.




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              zman Master

              Never seen this. What version of LANDesk/SP? Have the user write down the day/time it happens and like Frank said look at your logs for corresponding activity. Also view the system/app log files for corresponding. Some possible culprits - Antivirus/Malware Scans. Dells, wermgr.exe (Windows Problem Reporting), bluetooth devices, Aero peek, etc...

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                Thanks, I am currently in the process of retrieving the information. Since this issue was just brought to my attention (and me being the newest member of the team) this has been an ongoing issue for some time. I do not expect to get exact time frames as to when this last happened so going forward I will record the various times when LANDesk performs background activities and communicate with the users to inform me when it happens next. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, I was curious if anyone had encountered this before and it appears this isn't too common.

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                  So I was informed this issue occurred again this morning but a definite time was not given (couldn't remember exact time). I checked the vulscan log folder on her computer and found both the vulscan logs and softmon log. I have activity for both going on this morning (the Vulscan logs are recorded on half hour intervals 9:02, 9:32, 10:02, etc.) and the softmon.log is also recording on half hour increments. Since these are run on all clients at these intervals, I am puzzled as to what is unique on her end that would cause this issue as most others have not encountered this.

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                    zman Master

                    Do have LANDesk Antivirus/Spyware engines installed?

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                      We do not have the LANDesk antivirus/spyware engines installed

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                        zman Master

                        I'm not sure you need to run these every half hour, however, if you upload the logs we can take a look.

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                          I just manually pushed out a vulnerability scan and the user reported no interference during the scan.

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                            zman Master

                            In the future it may be better to attach the log file Looks like the scan only took a couple of seconds. I would look at using perfmon to track all * processes and see what is going on. Likely culprits are Anitivirus/Malware scans/updates, etc... Find a box that it happens on all the time. You can configure perfmon to dump the results to a file to be reviewed at a later time.