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    Java updates keep failing


      My Java updates keep failing for my managed computers. When looking at the patch and compliance history, it shows that it failed because IE was open. this is also the case for a few Microsoft updates. When using Windows automatic updates, Windows marks a few things for installation during shutdown/startup to get around this issue.

      How can we achieve the same result using LANDesk?
      There's no way possible a systems Admin can coordinate with all of the end users to have them close out of their browsers and wait while patches install. And I’m truly tired of getting the random prompt on end-user machines to update Java &/or Flash

      LANDesk does prompt users to reboot after most patches are applied, why doesn't the software complete these failed updates during shutdown/startup similarly to the way Windows does it?

      If LANDesk is going to be THE management suite for my enterprise, I'll need answers on this before we roll it out to another computer.

      Has anyone else come across this and found a solution?