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    DateTime field problems


      Hi All,


      I have been reading the following and have created a few blank datetime fields on my call window.


      Is it possible to have a blank DateTime field?



      Date fields from related objects only show today's date



      The reason I want to do this is to add dates such as internal and external deadlines for FOI requests.


      I cannot seem to get these dates to pull through to anywhere else though?


      E.g i have a field called internal deadline on my main call window which i would like to be on the task window so i dragged the attribute from call to task call and added the field on my task window but the data does't seems to pull through


      i have had a quick look at copy rules but can't seem to set the field to copy related? even if i create a string attribute


      i have looked at a calculation but don;t know what i am doing!


      Also if i run a query from process using this attribute from a relationship created between call and process it just comes up a blank field on the results but it is populated.


      If you need me to explain this in more details please contact me.



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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          Where are you trying to view this in console or the web?


          I think you have to drag the main "Call" attribute onto the form too which should just give you the Reference Number of the main call.  I think this association must be made for this to show.  Once you drage the main Call object/attribute onto the form it should be a read only field.


          Hope this helps