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    Outlook 2010 fails to read the .msp on install


      I have a package of Outlook 2010 I need to deploy through the deployment portal, but during my testing I am not able to get it to work as intended. I can navigate directly to the setup.exe (which is on a DFS share) and run it with all expected results. I have it set to show progress and completion notice in the .msp file. The previous version of Outlook uninstalls (as designated in the .msp) and everything works fine.


      When I try to deploy it through the deployment portal once the 'deploy' button is hit the deployment console goes into 'downloading' mode for about 10-15 minutes and the job will eventually disappear from the portal. There is no progess bar and no notice of completion. What I find is that the product has actually installed successfully but it does not remove the previous version of Outlook. I would be fine with the wonky install if it would remove the previous version. I'm looking for advice.