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    Problem extending partition during imaging

    MrGadget Expert

      LD9 SP3

      We run Dell computers and they come with a OEM partition.

      I have been having trouble with windows 7 imaging because Fixwindows.exe gets confused and assigns the wrong volume letters to the partitions. Sometimes it will pick the oem and assign as C and sometimes the recovery partition as C.


      Now to my problem, even though my partitions are 1- oem  2- recovery 3- os in that order, the volume letters may come out partition 1 E(OEM)  partition 2 C(recovery)   partition 3 D (OS) after the fixwindows.exe=3 is run.  As you can see above my OS partition is the 3rd one but when Diskinfo extend_last_partition runs it does NOT extend my LAST Partition 3 (OS).


      I tryed setting the partition to 1 and 2 also.(1 or 2 causes to boot to OEM partition).

        When the computer boots up it shows 150 gig unallocated space.

      Any one have this problem?


      Another question is why does assvol2 set the partition assigned to it as active when the partition assigned is the OS partition and therefore not the active one, partition x the Recovery partition is the bootable (Active) one.?

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          MrGadget Expert


          The Diskinfo extend_last_partition sees all 3 of my partitions but  trys to extend the last volume (not partition) which is my OEM. It gives a message it can't extend oem, esp, recovery partitions or offline volumes.

          I'll have to figure out another way to extend it.


          Update. I created a diskpart script text file: select disk 0, select volume 2, extend  copied it to the files folder on the core  then edited my osd script to copy the script text file to the x:\ldclient folder and added the line diskpart /s "x:\ldclient\script file"  This extended my OS drive.


          I would still like to know about the assvol2 setting the C drive to active?


          Seems like the Landesk scripting was meant for only 1 or 2 partitions.