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    permission required in windows 7


      Hello evveryone


      I have problem with landdesk in windows 7.


      In windows XP i have in register Intel\LanDesk\WUSER32\Permission Required 2 or 0

      which turn on/off dialog, which user must approve. If not be set on 2 I go to registry and set 0 on distand computer

      manage distand computer and reset landesk, than user dont must be on computer



      now we start go on windows 7 and Intel\LanDesk\WUSER32\Permission Required 2 or 0 

      not be in registry in windows 7. So can be somewhere other registry or somethink?

      Can be make it?

      We are only 4 administrators with same rules..


      Thank you


      Sry for english, im from Czech republic and dont speak english longr time.