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    Informational Alerts


      Is there a way to switch off informational alerts being sent from clients ?


      We are getting hundreds of messages from clients to say "Management Agent Started" which we really dont need to know.






      LD 8.8

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          No way to switch it off unfortunately. We have logged an issue with LANDesk Support and they are in process of submitting a CR to engineering... There is a workaround you can use, if you remove the AlertCBA8= Line from the Actions.ini on your clients... Its stored in the Program Files\LANDesk\Shared Files directory on your clients and is hidden. It is safe to remove this and is really only useful if you need to test or troubleshoot anyway...



          **Note the file does not exist on the core server because it is created when the CBA8inst.msi is run during Agent installation so there is no easy Backend Agent configuration fix either.



          If you have a PMA, and log a case with LANDesk Support to add your nodes to the CR it might help to get some attention to the problem.



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            This is the CR # to refer to CR00009429