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    OSX Agent. Where does the Devicename come from?


      I'm having some troubles with our Mac OSX clients.

      They are constantly mixing-up with a Windows system.


      What happens is that the OSX Landesk agent sends a device name to the core server which is not his own computername but for some reason from another windows computer.

      As a conseqent I see that one record is updated by 2 systems and as a result I see in the console for example a Windows computer with a nice Apple icon and some mixed inventory information.

      The OSX system does have a different computername as the devicename assigned by LANDesk.

      Anyone knows where this devicename comes from?

      That would help me to troubleshoot this issue.


      I tried several things. Removing the agents, forced the agents to generate new Device ID's.

      Duplicated Device ID settings in the inventory service is correct and we don't have this issue with any other type of systems, but only with the OSX agent.

      If I check the Landesk.log on the OSX system it is also reporting each line with the Windows computername and not his own.


      Network settings on the OSX system is also correct and name is not dynamically changed by the DNS server.

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          Stephen Burke Apprentice

          I'm pretty sure this is DNS related. I have been seeing the same thing. When my own Mac is on the corporate network the device name matches the computer name. If I am using VPN, I could wind up with a windows system (previous user of ip address), when I am at home, the name is what is assigned by my cable modem (ex. new-host-4). I show both columns in the console so I'd be sure of my Macs (when listed with other OS's).