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    Inbound Mail mapping - same email attribute to different object attributes

    jasoncadman Expert



      Hope the title made sense!


      I'm trying to map:


      1) Email subject to Incident title and email body to incident description and

      2) Email subject to Note title and email body to Note Text and

      3) Email attachment to attachment object


      When I map subject and body to both objects only the Title and Description is mapped correctly on the resulting incident but the Note object is ignored. However, when I map the subject and body to Note only then the Note is created correctly.


      The attachment field maps fine all the time


      I've spoken to support about this and apparently creating a note on a new incident isn't a supported feature but that seems strange as it's doing the same thing with the Attachment object as it is the Note object and it's also mapping the Notes attribute on another mapping


      Any ideas on this one?


      Thanks in advance