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    Issue when sorting Incident Breach Time

    jwwtss Apprentice

      Not sure if this a bug in service desk or not but when trying to sort a query using the Minutes to Breach as the sorting attribute the results do not sort in order.  It does appear that it is trying to sort the rows based on the sorting of that column but fails miserably.


      I have attached a file showing the breach time being sorted ascending.


      Any thought?




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          Hi Jake


          The are some issues around sorting on a calculated attribute.  I had a similar issue at one point - it may be worth giving this one a read to see if it helps you out - Sorting alphabetically on a calculated field




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            jwwtss Apprentice

            Thanks for the info.  That looks like what I am trying to accomplish.  Now the fun part, implementing it.

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              Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

              Of course if your query is based on the Incident Business object you could just add the "Breach Time" field which you can sort on as this is system maintained rather than calculated.


              BeforeSave calculations are sortable as the data is physically present in the database wherease AfterRead are calculated of the fly and if you look in the DB the column for this field contains nulls.  I dont think it's easy to just swicth to BeforeSave either as for this type of field the contents change during the process when the clock stops (ie with customer etc).  If you do find out what dependencies need to be manually setup to get this working then I'd like to know too! 


              The other area I keeep hitting to is that some customers want to query on the PROCESS business object and that doesn't have a "Breach Time" attribute as in the child processes so you are back to an Afterread calculation to spoof this and again no sorting.  Ahhhhh!