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    Change Agent Settings


      Hello Everyone,

      I am new to the boards and fairly new to Landesk. I am working with clients who are on a VPN connection. Everytime the VPN reconnects they are given a new ip and landesk is unable to push packages to them.

      I have found that the Policy distribution is the best way for me to reach these VPN clients. The problem I have is that the Agent is not set to check the server for Policy distributions. Does anyone know if I was to make the change on the Agent, then Schedule an Agent update whats distribution method is used in the update? Push doesnt seem to work and the policy isnt enabled.


      Thanks for your Time

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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup



          Yes, the update to agent settings is a push method... Did you enable the Run mini-scan when IP Address changes setting in your agent? That way the device should send a mini-scan with it's IP address as soon as it connect with VPN and gets a new IP. You do need to enable communication between the client and the LANDesk Core Server over port 5007 (inventory) for this to work.




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            Thanks for the information Frank. I dont have the mini-scan running but I will enable it which will resolve a couple problems.



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              Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

              It will for sure make your systems more managable. Still, you need somehow to update the agent and that will be your challenge... Maybe use an Advance Agent msi in a GPO to re-install the agent?