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    New v9 SP3 Core - SchedSvc is going nuts.

    mlambert Apprentice

      Hey All,

      We have a newly built core server (new hardware, new OS, new DB) and we're seeing some odd behavior with the Scheduler Service.  On a couple of occasions we've seen a string of events from the LANDesk Scheduler Service in the Application event log that only say "Event ID 110: A connection to the database has been established."  The events appear to be about 6 seconds apart. 


      In the SchedSvc.log we see something a little different: "Thu, 18 Oct 2012 00:18:14 2432 2468 Exception caught in main thread, resuming thread"

      This also repeats hundreds of times.  The frequency of these entries are not as consistent as the event log though. 


      As I said, this is a fresh, new core.  It was built with v9 SP2 source installer and updated to SP3.  It only has a single test device reporting into inventory. 


      We have 4 other v9 SP3 cores and 2 v9 SP2 cores in our environment.  This is the only one we are seeing this problem on. 


      Has anyone seen anything like this before?  Does anyone have any suggestions for how to address this?


      Thanks in advance,