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    Error 1163 when deploying image


      All of a suddin we are now getting an 1163 error during provisioning at the deploy_image task.


      This was working fine until last night.

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          I know what the issue is now. for some reason all my preffered servers who did a replication scan last night lost a few important folders (the image  being one) these folders are still on the core so i don't get why they have been removed from the preffered servers as that should only have happened if they were removed from the core first. And i didn't remove them manually and as i'm the only one who has the access apart from my college who is on holiday. i know this wasn't done by anyone else.



          What could have caused this to happen?

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            I have the same issue right now.

            Deploying before the update SU1 was successful.

            Since today not .


            Does anyone has an idea ?