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    Policy Synchronization has failed



      LANDesk Management Suite - Desktop Manager - selected Software deployment portal to refresh the policies available for this machine. Received error: "Policy Synchronization has failed" error. When we tried to click on REFRESH the following message appears "Failed updating the application list, LANDesk policy web service is not responding" Any thoughts on how to resolve this?

      This is logged with LANDesk support and now it has been escalated to LD engineers, Just posting to check if anyone has experienced this kind of behaviour before and how they resolved.

      So far this is what we have done to troubleshoot/resolve:


      I can browse to http://coreserver/landesk/managementsuite/softwaredistribution/apmservice/policyrequest.asmx site

      I can ping the core from client machine
      windows firewall is disabled
      there is no proxy configured on core server


      We bounced the services on both the core and the clients side.
      Then we looked in the IIS logs and determined that if a policy is invoked via the command line that it will send a request via IIS but if it is done via the console it won't.
      We did an IIS reset.
      Rebuilt the COM+ objects. These often cause problems like we are seeing. But this didn't fix the problem.
      Shut off UAC on your laptop (test) machine.
      Verified that the client side policy.cgi.sig file was correct (3/21/2011 6:55AM).

      Stopped LANDesk Policy Invoker service on client;
      Removed LDClientDB.db3 from LD Database
      Executed 'ClientDBUtil.exe /create' to rebuild DB file.
      Restarted LANDesk Policy Invoker service on client


      Above steps didnt resolve our issue. Anyone has any ideas on what causing this?