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    LDAP Query


      Can I add to a report custom ldap-queries from AD?

      For example, I need to find all PC from department of X.

      The department I define by owner of the PC.

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          As far as I know, unless the information is present in the LANDesk database, you cannot add it to your report.

          The way I understand your problem, I can think of two ways to accomplish what you describe.


          Simple, but manual method:

          Either, create a AD ldap-query in "Active Directory Users and Computers" to pull the username and departement of all users.

          Then create a report in LANDesk listing all users and computers.

          Combine the lists in Excel using the LOOKUP function.


          Advanced, but smooth method:

          Make a script that puts the user's department from an ldap query in the registry key for Custom Data.

          Wait a couple of weeks for everyone to log in.

          Create the report with all the columns you need.

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