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    Problem in release management process from change management module


      The following is in reference to the problem faced in LDSD 7.4. I have attached screenshots.


      In the Parent Child Screenshot : One can clearly see that the parent tab is shown but from that it is hard to interpret which ID stands for parent ID and child ID.


      Parent Filter Query Screenshot: I have applied the filter yet the changes have not reflected accordingly.


      Besides this, how can you publish the the parent tab and child tab as a collection in web access? I can see all those in the tree but in the web access I am not able to publish it.


      Kindly give me an immediate solution.


      Thanking you.

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          I thought for the 1st issue where you have ID - ID - ID you'd need to just rename the attributes in Query and Report designer but I've tested it and it hasn't pulled across the new column heading in either console or WebDesk so I'm not sure.  Maybe need to try a query from scratch??


          For the second point any collection I want published I just have the ShowOnWindow value set to true in the properties of the collection in Window Manager.  If it's still not showing check it's definitely the right window you're looking at, as I've been caught out before making amendments on the wrong window!!