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    LDMS 9.5 Migration Document


      Hi All,


      Hope All having great time......


      Since LANDesk will release the LDMS 9.5, I have question for migration from any previous version to this latest. If any have suggestion or documentation do share with me.


      If there no document release, do share the timeline for same..




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          EMiranda Expert

          we are on 9.5 for testing and I don't see anything different about migration than previous version. Still uses UMA.

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            zman Master

            No official docs have been released since 9.5 has not been released. I hope that the installatio/migration document is less sterile than before. There are a lot of large changes in 9.5. I think sometimes we just look at the getting the bits on the drive and forget about what those bits are change directly and indirectly. 9.5 is a good move for LANDesk but the migration will make or break first impressions. I think better docs on what parts have changed,removed, etc... and THERE IMPACT ON FUNCTIONALITY needs to happen. Example  - I wish core replication would work between differnet versions of LANDesk. - 9.0 - 9.5. This would make it significantly easier to partially migrate from one version to another.


            As EMiranda indicated, the actual process may have not changed, but the effects of this process have significanltly impact on your core!


            Purley a guess since I'm just a LANDesk user like yourself - look for end of Oct beginning of Nov.

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              Hi All,


              Thanks for response, I Think i'm in hurry or rush, will definitely wait till all document are release by LANDesk.


              Again thanks for all support.




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                bcasler Apprentice

                here is what i proposed to landesk as a migration from 2003 32 bit to 64 bit strategy


                  OK what about this

                1.      Create new 2008 R2 server to proper specs

                2.      Shut down LANDesk services and rename 2003 core server

                3.      Rename 2008 server same name as old 2003 core server

                4.      Install 9.0 LANDesk

                5.      Patch 9.0 LANDesk (9.3 is the latest)

                6.      Copy and replace all files from old core server installation  to new (any file under program files LANDesk)

                7.      Connect new 9.3 server to database

                8.      Run to make sure it worked

                9.      Then upgrade to 9.5


                An   any thoughts

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                  Dont do this..  LANDesk recommends highly that you never rename the core server. It is not supported.




                  How are you clients currently connecting to your old core? Is it using DNS name of old LANDesk server?  If so,  I would build a completely new LANDesk 9.5, import your old certificate from the old 9.0 server and create a cname for the old server and point clients to your new server.


                  Alternatively, have both LANDesk servers up side-by-side and deploy new LANDesk 9.5 agent to all your LANDesk 9.0 clients.


                  See the best known methods for installing LDMS 9.5


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                    bcasler Apprentice

                    the old 2003 server would not be my "core" a that point it would only sit there as a 'backup" if needed to be renamed back


                    the ‘new server’ would then have the same name as my old and everything should work

                    I know i have to do new cleints at some point but it may take a while with prod servers

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                      Ah ok. Sorry I missed that. I will let someone else answer.


                      Just make sure that your new server has the certificate from your old server otherwise you're clients won't be able to report back.


                      Someone else posted these files here before, minumum stuff that should be backed up/moved..

                      Certificates from c:\program files (x86)\landesk\shared files\keys

                      Agent Behaviors from program files\(x86)\landesk\managementsuite\ldlogon\agentbehaviors

                      LDAPPL3.template / .ini from program files\(x86)\landesk\managementsuite\ldlogon

                      Alert Rulesets from program files\(x86)\landesk\managementsuite\alertrulesets

                      OSD boot image from program files\(x86)\landesk\managementsuite\landesk\vboot (boot.wim and bootmedia.wim)

                      HII Driver files from program files\(x86)\landesk\managementsuite\landesk\files\drivers

                      Scripts folder from program files\(x86)\landesk\managementsuite\scripts

                      UMA Configs from program files\(x86)\landesk\managementsuite\ldlogon\UMA

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                        bcasler Apprentice

                        your pointing me back to these does not answer my question of how do I (as easily as possible) keep all my current settings and upgrade to 9.5 rather than having to reinstall and redo 9.5


                        changes like my scan template etc


                        posted before your responce was seen