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    I get a PXE-E53 error when PXE booting


      I have several diffrent model computers however when I plug up a Dell D60 laptop I get the PXE-E53 error code. If I use the same cable and plug up a diffrent computer I can get the pxe menu. The interesting thing is that if I look at my devices in the management comsole. I see the mac address listed without an IP address. I can boot the device with a WindowsPE USB key and get an IP address so I know that networking/DHCP works. I have removed and redeployed the PXE service on the PXE relay workstation. I am out of ideas. The really wierd thing is that I know that last week I had the same issue and tried it on a D60 but then on the 11th try it worked fine. I dont think it is any kind of driver issue.